Sunday, December 10, 2006


The amount of people going to the concert was so many that we needed to skip the bus twice to be able to squeeze in for the third one, which was still fully loaded. We reached the stadium to find out that our side seats had been upgraded to the closer and lower range because our initial seats were blocked by speakers. Great! We paid less to get better seats!

Sandy sang all the best songs she has in her collection. At one point, she even asked the fans whether they were satisfied with all the song selections for the night. She even enquired whether we had heard all the songs we wanted to hear coming to the concert. Haha! When she got too many bouquets of flowers, she commented she can start opening a florist shop........She even asked us whether one of her dresses is nice looking. You could tell she is very down to earth and you don't feel the sense of her being arrogant being a superstar.

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The stadium was almost fully seated. The atmosphere was nice. The speaker system was nice. The crowd were great. You can see that her fans represent people from all age groups. You can tell easily that her songs appeal people from any generation. The lighting effects were nice. The fireworks and all the nice effects were great. The showmanship was good too. I am sure everyone in the stadium paying for the tickets are satisfied with the performance.

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Sandy has a very powerful voice. She seems so effortless to hit all the high pitch of her songs. The ease to just release such powerful voice without opening her mouth much is really incredible. We easily compared the strong voice to A-Mei. I did record 3 of her best songs in video. Even in the video, the voice is still so crystal clear and powerful. Amazing. Well, the best thing was when she sang all her songs, it is like a trip back memory lane. You remembered the years gone by since your primary school days all the way till now. I remembered all those years since young when her songs are sang in karaoke sessions. Well, I feel extremely old. It seems like she's been around forever!

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Some of her costumes were weird though. The funny thing is when she is not wearing dresses, she can be so rough and crazy! Haha! As she changed into dresses, she became so gentle and soft. The transformation is just so drastic. :)

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It was a great night of many songs sang. From 8:30pm to 11pm she sang in Cantonese, Chinese and English. All of them she sang with fluency as I was surprised by her good command of English. I will definitely remember this concert from all of those I had attended in the past. No regrets hearing songs live from one of the best voices in Asia. After hearing her live, I believe you will only understand how much better her voice is against all those new singers whom can't even reach half of what her voice can. The only other person I heard live with such a powerful voice is Siti Nurhaliza.


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