Monday, January 15, 2007


Hello everyone. Been busy with my short paper submission this Thursday so have not been able to update. Hope you guys have a great start for the new year and a smooth year ahead. I just moved to Johor Bahru as wife is transferred there to teach. It has been raining for ages for the last month to now so it is really tiring to see the rain. It has been really too excessive. I travel down and up from Singapore everyday and starting to get used with such life.

Let's go to football. The biggest news of the whole week has been of David Beckham. He will be going to the United States. I am definitely glad of that because I had always not like him from the very beginning when Real Madrid bought him. Still, I am abit pissed with the way how Real Madrid have confirmed not to play him any longer until the whole season is over. This is a total disrespect to him. He is still contracted with Madrid and so he should be given the chance to play if he earns it.

I am sick with the Madrid management decisions. All these players issue with Cassano and Ronaldo too have given so much negative publicity to the team. Instability and the lousy results are not surprising given so much of these stupid news everyday, which even involve Diarra and Robinho. I am still very pissed with Capello for putting him on the bench. I don't see his logic not playing an in form player. I don't know what is going over his mind. I can easily say that he select players based on his liking and not on performance. All his excuses of experimenting with different combinations are pretty lame. How much longer will he experiment? Until the end of the season?

Let's face it, Ronaldo is so injury proned that there is no point keeping him. It is so difficult to maintain him! I am tired of the hundreds of times he gets injured per season. Raul and Emerson I heard were also performing below par. I just hope Capello will play Robinho and Diarra more instead of them. The three new signings who created alot of hoohaa were given debuts. Marcelo got injured and Higuain and Gago were both given more chances to gel as a team. Actually I am happy with the injection of youths into the team. Real Madrid during the Perez era and the start of the Calderon era had the buying policy of the footballers at the top of their peaks in the late 20s to even early 30s. Therefore, there is more balance now and I hope they can improve better with this.

As for Chinese New Year, I am trying to go back Sibu but the air tickets are so expensive I could save tonnes of money just sleeping at home. Now considering going Penang or KL to visit friends and relatives. That again will depend on the availability of the bus services. I don't know how heavy the bookings are loaded but you don't hope too much for such festive season.

You guys have a good week ahead. I am trying to go to the Daniel Libeskind exhibition if possible. Today is the last day!


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