Friday, February 16, 2007


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The year of the boar is coming!

All the best and a fruitful year ahead blessed with fortune, prosperity, luck, wealth, health and lotsa happiness!

Enjoy yourselves and all the best for the great year ahead!

The price of airtickets going back to Sibu especially from KL are so expensive that it is ridiculous to fly at all. I was forced to check at the very last minute because of the late release of results of teachers transfer late last year in November. AirAsia now has monopoly over some routes and I find airticket pricing to be no longer as cheap as before even if I checked months earlier. They have no competition so there you go. Now not everyone can fly!

I am off to Penang tonight on a coach and be there from first day to fourth day of Chinese New Year. Then I will head over to KL until the weekend. This will probably be my last long rest before an assault of my thesis writing until midyear.


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