Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Well, my first ever job interview was on Friday the 13th after I finished my undergraduate studies. Then today I went for a job interview during Valentine's Day, few months before I am graduating. Well, I wonder why I always have funny interview dates.

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The interview was alright. They asked me excessive questions for an hour and I failed to answer two questions. I don't believe I know everything in the whole wide world. Anyway, the interview was arranged the day before today so I was hardly prepared for it.

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I went to Singapore to celebrate Valentine's Day with my beloved for the first time. You don't want to celebrate Valentine's Day in Singapore unless you are ready to spend excessively for bears, flowers, balloons, cakes and all kinds of giant gifts. Wherever you walk, you will see something bigger and better than what you give your other half! You will compare their luxury gifts with yours. Dammit!

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Well, we ended up dining at Cafe Cartel. It is not a planned dinner location but because it is nearby my interview place. They are famous for their St.Louis pork ribs. I had steak this time with some chicken wings. The chicken wings are undercooked and the steak is so-so.


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