Thursday, March 01, 2007


Well, getting older and hopefully wiser too. My only wish is to get my thesis done on time! It will be a difficult few months for me especially now that I am embarking on the experiments of my work. I hope everything will go on just fine and smoothly!

I was asked yesterday to be the bestman for my friend's wedding in midyear this year. Having headache thinking about it since I don't have such experiences at all. Nowadays you know how professional bestmen are. They have to know well all those proceedings and procedures to get the whole marriage ceremony going smoothly from the start till the end.

Unfortunately, it is hard to turn it down too because it is from the request of his future wife because I was the one who initiated the move for my friend to chase after her when he shown interest. They had the idea that I am the best person to be their bestman because of what I had done. Of course I am very proud of him to come this far and getting married from all the encouragament I gave him at that time. Who is not? For once, you truly made your friend happy! You see how their love grown all these years. I need some crash course about being a good bestman! I need to seek grandma for guidance!!!

Grandma, help!


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