Friday, May 25, 2007


Overall, a truly boring match! Liverpool doing most of the attack and Milan trying to defend them. While the attacks are mostly high balls with not much threat to the goal at all. The tempo of the game is slow and nothing exciting apart from some skills shown by Kaka and Alonso.

After Inzaghi scored from a deflected free kick from Pirlo, Mr. Shevy asked me to predict the score. I mentioned that if Zenden is not substituted, Milan will win 2-1. If he is, Liverpool will win 1-2. I mentioned that Liverpool will need someone faster or creative like Kewell and Bellamy. Zenden was substituted, Kewell was brought in but Milan won 2-1.

Well, Macherano was given a task to defend deep behind especially on the attacks of Kaka. Kaka didn't see much action until he was substituted. Well, bringing in Crouch was a real disaster to me. I would prefer someone faster and more stable in the penalty box. Pennant was doing fine for the whole match but there were no potential killers upfront to kill off the game after he sent balls after balls into the penalty box. Gerrard was moved up to play like a second forward and it was a terrible mistake. He had a great chance but wasted it. I guess by playing him out of position, he was not performing to his potential.

Just like Kaka, Seedorf was having a quiet match. This is thanks to Macherano. I would have worry when he was substituted to put in another forward because he did all the dirty work stopping all the potential attacks really well. I would have substituted Alonso who is extremely quiet. He was to blame to bring down Kaka which resulted in the first goal. Still, I guess Liverpool scored the goal too late.

Congratulations to Milan and Maldini! Nesta and Oddo should be mentioned for their hardwork. One in defence and one on the wings. They really push hard to keep Milan in the match. Now, they have 7 and is fast catching up on Real Madrid! Real Madrid should wake up from their dreams and assault in Europe really hard next season. I have waited many years for the 10th.


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