Friday, June 01, 2007


Since most leagues in Europe have ended, transfers have been on the high, although some are really new names. Manchester United had confirmed on the purchase of Nani, Anderson and Owen Hargreaves. Liverpool bought Simon and Nemeth. Others appear to be in the final stages of negotiation are Scott Parker to West Ham United and Palacio to Barcelona. Henry again is linked with Barcelona as well as Abidal this time around. Kaka linked with Real Madrid for ages now and I don't know seriously where it will go from here.

Being back to Sibu is nice. I can have all the satellite TV I want to watch! The England VS. Brazil friendly will be abit hard to catch with my bestman duties on 2nd June early morning until night! Dunga has been complaining about the state of the Wembley stadium. I have been looking up my grandma for the crash course to learn all the procedures. I even took out the 1987 videotape to watch the good old days marriage of my uncle. I can see myself as a 6 year-old boy! My goodness! It is hard to follow my culture! Haha! I am willing to learn, I wonder what will the next generation be doing after this if the custom is not passed down.

I will definitely want to watch the many international matches offered. We have friendlies of England VS. Brazil on 2nd June local time 0255, Switzerland VS. Argentina on 3rd June local time 0840 (delayed) and Brazil VS. Turkey on 6 June local time 0155. EURO 2008 qualifiers are also there to watch! Still, they have all the weird timetable ranging from 0055 to 12350 local time.

NBA finals is around the corner too, abit disappointed that there is no East Conference Finals live on TV between Pistons and Cavs. I will still have the chance to watch the finals starting 8 June 0900 local time. Spurs are already waiting for the match either between Pistons or Cavs. It is a matchup between R.Hamilton and L.James. Looking forward to it!

French Open 2007 will be good as well as I can catch some nice live tennis action since the days of Steffi Graf! Haha! I was no longer a crazy fan after she retired. Yes, this is the first tournament where the prize money of both men's and women's singles are equalled. Women's Singles Final on 9 June 2100 local time and Men's Singles Final 10 June 2100 local time.

Before I end this post, I found some updates on David Ginola. Perhaps Donnyginonymous will be interested to read. You may need to type the link into Babel Fish to direct translate if you don't read French.



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