Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It is not confirmed yet but Lippi, O'Neill and Klinsmann are other potential candidates.

It is so funny that everyone is saying that England's coach must be English, especially this is from someone like Wenger. He was the one who fought so hard for the best players to play for the club in the EPL and not let nationality to limit quality. Now, why you can't have the best coach for the country and nationality becomes the crucial matter here? What is the difference? If you talk about national pride, is the EPL not the English pride as well? I just don't get it.

Wenger said, ""You are very nationalistic; you want the English national team to do well. I believe that you have to choose an Englishman who represents the country."

"I do not understand your logic because you want people to represent the national qualities. Why do you go for a foreign guy?"

"It is like you go to war and you say 'now we choose a general from Portugal or a general from Italy to lead our army'. Would that idea cross your mind? Never."

"You have [Harry] Redknapp, [Alan] Curbishley, [Steve] Coppell, [Gareth] Southgate, [Stuart] Pearce, [Sam] Allardyce - you have plenty, but you do not rate them enough. Give them a chance."

"The national team does not play with a Portuguese player or an Italian player so why should suddenly the leader just be foreign? The club is open to the world and the national team is representing the country."

The last person on earth I want to hear such comment is not from a man who has only 1 English player in the whole club. Go to war? Adolf Hitler was Austrian and he became a German leader. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the mayor of California. Alfredo di Stefano is an Argentinian but he played for Argentina, Colombia and Spain. Deco is a Brazilian but he plays for Portugal. Gonzalo Higuaín was born in France but he plays for Argentina.

I also don't understand the hype why Mourinho is seemed like the favourite for the job because he coached Chelsea so he knows the English game better. So what? There are tonnes of English ex-coaches who coached in England and were just as bad. Mourinho is an amateur when you compare his records against Capello. I don't understand why people argue that Capello is not fit because he has never coach a country team. What about McClaren? What about Mourinho? Why nobody say so for them? Lame excuse.

Many people are just jealous that Capello is in the hot seat to become the English coach.

The stupid Mijatovic said "“For me, Capello is not an international boss."

"His ideal habitat is at a club and if it’s a big club, so much the better. He needs a battle every day.”

Well, who cares anyway since Predrag Mijatović and Ramón Calderón always give stupid comments which does not make sense and buy countless players at the same position for the club and sell players at positions which has not much to cover. Great football logic.

Many said England will play boring defensive football if Capello is going to be the coach. Well, let me tell you that Capello comes with a package. What England needs now is not just someone who can give you results as the problem is not so simple. They need someone to heal their fighting spirit, teamwork and someone who is powerful enough to bench anybody he wants, including the superstars. Many forgot that he came to Real Madrid the second time to heal a club which had totally lost the confidence, the fighting spirit, the desire to win and teamwork. Almost four suffering, difficult trophiless years and fans like me already lost any faith that any coach that comes by will be able to solve the problem. For me, that La Liga win was not the biggest contribution that Capello did. His contribution was to heal the team spirit so they believe in themselves again.

Boring and defensive football? You have to give him time. Real Madrid took almost 1 season to gel and play beautiful football again. The last stretch of the last season's games were the most exciting matches I had ever watched since Vicente del Bosque was fired. Real Madrid for once after almost four years were invincible and impossible to lose and played one of the most exciting high scoring, no defence football that was so amazing to watch. That was Capello's greatest achievement and he delivered in 1 season. What Schuster inherited now is a healed team, a much easier job of a team finally coming out of crisis after wandering in the wilderness for almost four years. They said they sacked Capello because he was a defensive coach and Schuster will play more entertaining football. To me, Schuster is playing an even more boring low scoring football now. ZZZZZZZZZZZ

Mourinho's case was the same in Chelsea. What he inherited was Claudio Ranieri's team which is almost completed built to get ready to win trophies. He had a more easier life, just like Schuster now. Capello's second greatest achievement was to get Ronaldo out of the club. Ronaldo to me is already done and sacrificed many strikers' careers in Real Madrid. Raul, Morientes, Owen and Portillo were just some of the players who were forced to play behind him to deliver him assists. No coach on the planet dares to sack Ronaldo because he was the El Phenomenon. To me, Ronaldo is slow, losing passion, standing alone at the front just waiting for the ball and extremely lazy as well as showing no interest. I salute Capello for the capability to get him out. It was the best decision he ever done in Madrid. As for Beckham, I would say Capello was wrong but later admitted his mistake, which pushed Beckham to play one of his best footballs in his career.

Finally, on language barrier. Guus Hiddink is a Dutch and I doubt he can speak Korean or Russian. Maybe English he can when coaching Australia. Let Capello try to be an international coach. England has nothing to lose. I feel that he could bring the confidence, teamwork, fighting spirit and the winning formula back. I may be wrong but Capello has a record of going to clubs in crisis and pulling them out in the most difficult situations. Let's sit back and watch if he is appointed as England's coach.


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