Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Liverpool won with 4 goals to secure a place in the Champions League knockout stages as they finished second in the group. Good for them and Benitez especially with the link with Klinsmann as the new coach for the past few days. Benitez finally has his European touch back. As for Madrid, I am glad that Baptista is given the chance ahead of Guti. I have always been a fan of The Beast and have always feel that he was the most consistent player apart from Figo before he was loaned to Arsenal. He is never given much opportunities to prove himself and I am glad he delivers now that he is given that chance.

As for the link of Mourinho to Milan, it is definitely something extremely shocking to me. People said Mourinho rejected the English coach job because he is waiting for the Milan job. Well, Carlo Ancelotti is like Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger, which means they are the untouchables of their respective clubs. I cannot imagine Milan without Ancelotti. There is also rumours about Mourinho linked with Inter. Inter have been quite consistent these past two seasons after the scandals in Serie A so I will not be expecting the coach to be changed anytime soon. There are talks ongoing that if Roberto Donadoni doesn't perform well at Euro 2008, Ancelotti could take over the Italian national coach post. However, if they perform well, Ancelotti could take over at Barcelona instead. Frank Rijkaard is under tremendous pressure too to deliver the trophies this season.

Barcelona welcome back Samuel Eto'o and this is where the real fight begins. People should leave Ronaldinho alone. I think he is doing pretty fine this season. The link of him to Milan is also something as irritating as Kaka to Real Madrid. Milan have enough Brazilians in their squad already. They should have younger players to overhaul their extremely ageing squad. They are not getting younger any day and Milan expect to count on them forever? Since Kaka, perhaps the most potential young player is the much talked about Alexandre Pato. Everyone said he is the next best thing after Robinho and Messi. We shall be able to witness his football soon after January next year.


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