Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Trigger-Happy Malaysian Referee Under Investigation

A Malaysian referee is in custody after discharging a firearm during league play...

An unnamed Malaysian referee fired warning shots into the air to subdue an angry mob of players after having sent one of them off in a local fixture.

The whistler serves as a policeman for his day job, and apparently had his gun with him in his car at the time of the match.

As furious players reacted badly to a red card decision, he rushed to his patrol car to pick up his gun and, pointing it skywards, unleashed bullets.

However, his actions did not sit well with his superiors, who have taken him into custody.

Reuters news agency quotes a local newspaper as follows:

"We are investigating as to whether the policeman was justified in taking out his firearm and discharging it, and also why he had it with him during the match.

"However, the official could have the last laugh. Five of the players have joined him in the cells, and could be sanctioned for rioting.

Steve Michaels, Goal.com


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