Saturday, December 15, 2007


There are two more quotes added:

"If you want to bet on football, you get only 50-50 chances maximum on normal managers. With Capello's team, your chances of winning increase to 90-10"- DieHardX, a football fan.

"With instant noodles, you get to eat in 3 minutes. With fast food, you get to eat in 5 minutes. With Don Fabio, you get at least a trophy in 1 season. Choose Don Fabio for instant results!"- the advertisement slogan of Don Fabio if it is a brand.


An interesting article at written on the 13th December, 2007. I just copied and pasted the front part. For the rest, click the link below.

Capello can polish faded golden generation

Chris Murphy

Roll the tape forward two-and-a-half years.

A defensive England side are labouring towards a one-nil victory over Brazil in a supremely dull World Cup final in Johannesberg.

John Terry puts the shackles on Robinho; Owen Hargreaves marks Kaka out of the game and Micah Richards doesn't even allow Ronaldinho enough space to floss his impressively large teeth.
The seconds tick away.

Wayne Rooney dribbles towards the corner flag and shows no signs of moving.

The three minutes of injury time are up, the referee blows for full-time and it is confirmed: England are World Champions.

Fair enough, they had a scare getting out of the group stages after a fortunate draw against Ghana and yes, the penalty that handed them victory in the quarter final against France was for a foul a few inches outside the box.

But the two words tripping off the lips of football fans up and down the land are these; who cares?!

Who cares that the manager is Italian? Who cares if his philosophy is built on a sturdy back-line? Who cares if England only managed to score more than one goal twice in the competition?

A fanciful notion it all may be but if Fabio Capello can instil order, discipline and structure into an England side that unquestionably has talent who knows how far they can go?


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