Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Chelsea VS. Fenerbahce
(First Leg: 1-2)

Liverpool VS. Arsenal
(First Leg: 1-1)

Man Utd VS. Roma
(First Leg: 2-0)

Barcelona VS. Schalke 04
(First Leg: 1-0)

Here we go folks! It is very tricky indeed! From the first leg, only Manchester United seem to be in the most comfortable lead to go to the semis. With added bad form of Roma and the absence of captain Totti, I don't see why they cannot wrap up the tie to move on. Their own Cristino Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney are still in great form. This could be the best year for The Devils to win the Champions League since their treble. Meanwhile, Barcelona have the most easiest tie in the whole quarters. Still, Barcelona themselves are not in good form but Messi is back. If they play their usual football, they should be able to wrap it up easily with their collection of superstars. It will be a disaster otherwise.

I know Chelsea have a better chance to go to the next round because they are a far more expensive and skilled side but I really love Roberto Carlos to get something from this competition. Liverpool will have the slight edge against Arsenal in the tie at home. Liverpool have the advantage of their Champions League magic to back them. The person to exact more presence in midfield will influence the team to win - Gerrard or Fabregas.


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