Wednesday, February 11, 2009


OK, I board these buses a lot to go to Singapore or sometimes back to Johor Bahru for work purposes. It is scary that even bus drivers are targeted now in this crime capital city of Malaysia and the crime happened in broad day light. Well, it is not surprising since I had witnessed myself live two different incidents of crime in broad day light in the midst of many people around. A friend who was robbed recently at a busy street told me the policemen nearby didn't even dare to chase the motorists eventhough they were in the car. You also see a report further below of a criminal fleeing the prison. Well, don't expect too much from the authorities or much protection from the police. Just be careful and protect yourself as I expect an increase of more daring crimes with the economic recession coming to hit us hard.

Now, back to the bus driver robbing incident. I think now those bus drivers in SBS will be begging the management not to let them drive bus 160 and 170 as they have to drive into the crime capital city of Malaysia with parangs everywhere demanding money. Maybe they have to consider equipping them with some defence weapons or do the China taxi style, a protective glass wrapping him away from any possible attack. As for passengers like me, I have to be careful not to board the bus from any location inside the Johor Bahru city if possible. I need a shield or something...

Men with parangs slash, rob bus driver

Published: Wednesday February 11, 2009 MYT 2:06:00 PM


JOHOR BARU: Two parang-wielding men slashed a bus driver and robbed him during an attack inside a Singapore bound transit bus.

The attack, believed to be the first involving the (SBS) Transit Services bus number 160, occurred at about 3.45pm Tuesday near a mall along Jalan Tun Abd Razak when the two men, posing as passengers, boarded the bus at the Kotaraya Terminal.

It is learnt that as the bus reached the mall here, the men took out parangs and demanded money from the 28-year-old driver.

Sources said that when the driver refused, they slashed him on the arm and took cash amounting to RM260 and S$50.

As the driver slowed the bus due to his injury, the two men jumped off the bus and fled. The two passengers on the bus were not robbed or hurt.

The Malaysian driver, who is also a Singaporean permanent resident, then sought treatment at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital.

He then reported the matter at the Central Police station at about 7pm the same day.

Johor deputy CID chief Asst Comm Che Yusoff Che Ngah confirmed the incident and said on Wednesday that police were in the process of identifying the suspects.

Meanwhile, on another matter, ACP Che Yusoff said that the hunt was still on for the 21-year-old suspect, who escaped police custody on Tuesday.

"We are still searching for the suspect," he said.

On Tuesday, the suspect escaped as he and other prisoners were being transferred from the Ayer Molek penitentiary to the Johor Jaya police station.

The incident occurred, as the prisoners were about to arrive at the station at about 11.50am.

ACP Che Yusoff urged anyone with information to contact the police hotline at 07-2212999 or the nearest police station.


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