Thursday, March 05, 2009


Well, have you all watched the funny Hitler video complaining about public transport in Singapore (subtitled)? If you have not, here it is.

It is very true, the public transport here are super crammed up. You basically squeeze like sardines from bus to MRT. The frequency is not high enough while the bus driver try to push as many people as possible into the bus. The MRT is the same, fully loaded. It is as bad as my Shanghai experience. What Hitler said (in the subtitles) is probably true, bicycles are the best mode of transport now, especially going through the immigration. You are faster than motorbikes, cars, buses and lorries. Nowadays many people are trying foldable bikes. Buses and MRT are still allowing it but it is still in the trial run period.

Anyway, the reason I am writing this post today is concerning some fucked up people who do not give seats to others. They purposely sit at the outer part of the two-seater to block people from sitting in. I was in the super crammed bus today and saw that lady pretending to be asleep while shielding the seat inside the two-seater seat as she sat outside. I really wanted to point my middle finger at her. Everyone squeezed like mad while standing, almost smashing both the doors and every single standing space available while she pretended to sleep there with an empty seat beside her.

It is the same problem with MRT seats. A lot of people will just sit there are pretend to be asleep while the poor old folks, disabled, people with children and pregnant ladies stand in front of them. It is so bad that nowadays they have designated privilege / priority seats at the ends of each row of seats. Sometimes I have to give up my seats to these people who are metres away while shielding my seat from others rushing to sit. Of course, I have seen kind souls out there too who give up seats. It doesn't mean everyone are cold but most are.

Well, still Singapore has one of the best public transport systems in the world, especially if you compare with Malaysia. Malaysia has the world's most sorry state of public transport quality and maintenance. You really want to puke if you take those lousy buses and taxis. Leakages everywhere, bell buttons that don't work, fare meters that don't work, coin machines that don't work, interior lightings which are spoilt or half alive, extremely dirty floors, doors that don't close well or fully, seats which are spoilt and dirty, curtains that have not been washed for centuries, walls which are vandalised with phone numbers for sex services, black smoke which goes into the interior and chokes everyone to death, windows which are half fallen and extremely stained and broken with rusty metals like handle-bars everywhere.

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