Wednesday, March 04, 2009


The cheapest way to enjoy a Mercedes with a driver driving you around is to get into one of those Mercedes taxis in Singapore. When I started studying in Singapore back in 2001, most taxis you see on the road are Toyota Corollas (the best selling car model in human history, over the past 40 years, one Corolla car has been sold on average every 40 seconds!!!). Nowadays, there are more brands out there. They have the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Fielder, Honda Airwave, Toyota Wish, Toyota Camry, Toyota Estima, Toyota Wagon, Toyota LiteAce, Volvo V70, Fiat Croma JTD, Previa Taxi, Kia Magentis, Mercedes Benz E220, Mercedes Benz Vito 115, Kia Carnival, Skoda Superb, Volkswagen Touran, SsangYong Rodius SV270, Carbodies "London Taxi" TX1 and SPACE MPV taxis. There are probably more other brands and models that I don't know.

A few weeks back I managed to flag down a Mercedes Benz E220 cab. This is probably only the second time that I managed to take a Mercedes Benz cab. It is purely luck if you try to flag them down at the road side. The driver is a young chap who is probably around the same age as me. There are two types of taxi drivers in Singapore. One type who normally complain about everything from the start till the end of the journey. The other type is so quiet until you can hear a pin drop. Anyway, this guy is an extremely quiet type with dark sunglasses on.

Then, something interesting happened. A massive jam happened in front of us while we try to enter the PIE (Pan Island Expressway - one of the many highways in Singapore). He was still so quiet but he uttered that we were unlucky to be caught in the jam. Well, ok fine. Then when we really reached near the accident location, we saw a car being hit from behind by a police car! Then another car hit into the police car (Toyota Altis) from behind. We could see the whole bonnet of the police car being hit upwards. The silent driver suddenly said, "Wahlau eh, so serious accident with a police car involved." Then he went into silent mode again. Haha! Funny fellow!

Then when we finally drove in BKE (Bukit Timah Expressway), a lorry which was carrying a lot of stuffs behind it just had a trolley flying downwards to the back. The trolley was sliding to the back very fast while all the cars behind the lorry changed lanes to avoid it. We were just beside the lorry when we watched the 'show'. It really feels like in the movies. The driver again broke his silence and said, "Wahlau eh, so kuazan. Incredible!" Well, it is funny how he could suddenly broke the silence to express his feelings and the next thing you know, he went to silent mode again.

An eventful taxi experience indeed.....and yes, Mercedes Benz taxi rides kick is good to experience how the rich lives once a while.

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