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When we were in the late primary to early secondary school days (1991-1994), there were no Internet cafes or cybercafes to hang out. We had console shops which charged you RM2 for 30 minutes of gaming. You may be able to bargain for RM3 for an hour or play a little longer if there are no customers around. It is the time where you train to show off your skills in front of the shop. You will be proud if you manage to get the attention of passerbys who stop to admire your skills.

It is the era of catridges where you are using catridges to store games. Compact discs were not popular then and very costly. The catridges were costly and there were not many pirated versions available. What were the most famous games we played at that time? Street Fighter and Dragonball versus battle games.

Yes, we spent so many zillion hours and a lot of money just to master the arts of the battling skills, now that I think back, we were so childish. Sigh! I remember we have to make use of the lousy joypads which were overused sometimes and not functioning very well. We ended up with sore thumbs from 'over-maneuvering' of the combination direction keys to execute super powerful moves.

Now, Hollywood is finally releasing the movies based on these two extremely popular games of those days. The movies are called Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li and Dragonball Evolution. Well, there is a 1994 version of Street Fighter (featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme) but I heard it was extremely bad. Hong Kong has its own comedy version in 1993, called Chao Ji Xue Xiao Ba Wang, starrring three of their Heavenly Kings. I will expect the new movies to suck so bad I rather play the old games again on the Super Famicom. Well, don't expect much from them as I am sure even before reading any reviews that they will change the storyline bigtime! I do mean BIGTIME! For Singapore, the reason to watch Street Fighter is to watch their very own actor, Edmund Chen in action as Chun Li's father.

Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li

Dragonball Evolution

Would I want to waste my money to watch them in the cinema? Well, it is better to hear some feedbacks from others first before I waste my money. Haha!

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