Sunday, June 28, 2009


Starting at 3PM today, there will be 5 badminton matches arranged in this order for the Malaysia Open finals. May the best men and women win!

1.XD Chen Xu & Yunlei Zhao [3] CHINA VS. Bo Zheng & Jin Ma [2] CHINA
2.WS Shixian Wang CHINA VS. Xin Wang CHINA
3.MS Chong Wei Lee [1] MALAYSIA VS. Long Chen CHINA
4.WD Eei Hui Chin & Pei Tty Wong [1] MALAYSIA VS. Jin Ma & Xiaoli Wang CHINA
5.MD Teik Chai Gan & Bin Shen Tan MALAYSIA VS. Kien Keat Koo & Boon Heong Tan [2] MALAYSIA
Even if we calculate a modest 1 hour for every match to be completed, it will be played until 8pm. Catch me on television if you can! Hahaha!

*XD = Mixed Doubles, WS = Women's Singles, MS = Men's Singles, WD= Women's Doubles, MD = Men's Doubles

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