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The world's fastest ever road legal car. Alright, I have to admit my mistake by naming the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 the fastest car in the world in my previous post about it. The SSC Ultimate Aero is currently the world record holder for that and is definitely an American pride. Bugatti Veyron 16.4's top speed is 407 km/h (253 mph) while the SSC Ultimate Aero can achieve a top speed of 438 km/h (272.102 mph). This car will give the Americans something to cheer about in the almost all European sports cars world dominance.

The rear design of the car does give me the feel of the Ferrari from the very first impression while the front design is quite close to the curves of the McLaren. I still prefer the Veyron's design over this one, at least the Veyron looks more unique and out of this world. It is like a superhero car, like Batman or something. It is beyond my understanding how a V8, 6-speed car can beat a W16 engine, (equivalent of two narrow-angle V8 engines) 7-speed car other than a superior horsepower of 1297bhp @ 6075rpm against the 1001 bhp @ 6000rpm.








Type: SSC Designed Billet Aluminum V8 Block
Displacement: 387.2 cu.in.
Bore x Stroke: 4.125 x 3.620"
Compression Ratio: 8.975:1
Horsepower: 1287 bhp @ 6075 rpm
Torque: 1112 ft-lbs @ 6150 rpm
Redline: 7200 rpm
Fuel Injection: Electronic Sequential Port
Weight: 422 lbs.
Oil: SAE 5W/30 Fully Synthetic Racing
Induction System: Sequential, multi-port fuel injection, Twin Turbo Chargers. Dual-Water to Air Intercoolers.
Fuel: Premium Unleaded - 91 Pump Octane

Drive Train

Gear Ratio RPM MPH
1st 3.00:1 7200 58.517
2nd 2.15:1 7200 81.651
3rd 1.5:1 7200 117.033
4th 1.1304:1 7200 155.294
5th 0.8667:1 7200 202.557
6th 0.6452:1 7200 272.102
Final Drive Ratio: 3.4444:1
Engine RPM @ 60 Top Gear: 1550

Record-Breaking Times

0-60 mph: 2.78 seconds
1/4 Mile: 9.90 seconds at 144 mph
Top Speed: 257.41 MPH / Official Average: 256.15 MPH
Skidpad: 1.05 g
0-100mph-0: 11.66
60mph-0 (braking): 103 feet

The video shows how it attempts to break the top speed record of 257.41 MPH (414.31 KMPH). Oh my $#&*$^@*(#@)?)!!!

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