Thursday, July 23, 2009


My friend just got his Doctorate degree recently. I managed to attend the ceremony since it is near my lab. Two other close friends who are suppose to be in the list were not able to attend because of work.

Now that he finally earned his title Dr., I am just considering whether to get my head permanently damaged. His mom came to attend his graduation ceremony. It is definitely a time of celebration after going through the hard work of getting the thesis done.

Some juniors which I taught as a tutor also graduated with their Bachelors degree. My, it just seems yesterday when I taught their classes. I feel so old now.

I also managed to met a senior who attended the ceremony. He is the self-proclaimed God of Renderer. I was part of his team before in a project during my undergrad days and I have to admit he was indeed really damn good. He is now designing in WOHA.



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