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I am referring to food here. Most of the time, people pays a fortune for some of the best and rare food in life. Sometimes your everyday roadside stall can produce some of the most simplest and yet tastiest food you can imagine than the expensive 6-star hotel restaurant can offer.

I can give an example of a roadside stall in Batu Pahat where I first learnt to eat bitter gourd. They only serve two dishes and all the tables are full all night long. Yes, bitter gourd soup and fried eggs. Simple everyday food but the couple does it with perfection that everytime I passes by Batu Pahat, I will go to pay homage! Hehe!

I watched MediaCorp Channel 8's Driving Miss Foodie which airs every Wednesday at 8pm and found a recommended cake bakery. It looks too tempting and affordable not to be missed.






For 8 years we have been supplying cakes & confectionery items to numerous Hotels (3-5-Star), restaurants and Clubs in Singapore. 2 years ago, we added a retail arm to our operations- selling high quality & delicious products, heavily discounted at roadshows and food festivals. Our venues include Singtel, MediaCorp, Creative Technologies, SGH, NUH, JTC ,MOE,and MOM to name a few.
At BakersWorld, our expert bakers use only top-grade ingredients under stringent hygienic conditions to produce our cakes. We also constantly concoct new, exciting flavours to satisfy the discerning tastes of our customers.

Should you have any queries, please contact
Michelle Ng @ HP: 994514840
OFF: 6406 8581
FAX: 6406 3233
BakersWorld LLP
15-8 Jalan Riang (S) 358987

Their selections are:
Chocolate Truffle
Blueberrry Cheese
Chocolate ├ęclair
Durian Chocolate Cake
Avocado Cake
American cheese cake
Expresso cheese cake
Durian cake
Oreo cheese cake
Forestberry cheese mousse
Passion fruit + mango
Strawberry Marsch
Mocca Cheese
Blackforest mousse cake
All of them are S$3.50 each with exception of forestberry cheese mousse and passion fruit + mango, which is S$1 more.

I went to buy 4 types. They have a promotion of buying 3 for S$10. I don't know how long this will last. The only way to book is to email and pick your cakes yourself. You shouldn't go there on the spot to purchase because you will get NOTHING! When I was there to pick up my cakes, I was astonished by the amount of people there. You can't order anymore because normally they are out of stock, no matter what cakes you want to further purchase.

Durian. They use D24, no kidding man! I only have a complaint. The ratio of durian to sponge cake is small. It will be great if it is 50:50. I can't get enough kick or high with every bite if the durian portion is less. It will be much more perfect if they increase it. I still remember the best durian cake I ever tasted is from Swensen's. That costs a bomb.

This chocolate cake is great. They import overseas high quality chocolate ingredients. I like the powder cocoa at the top to give it a very solid dark chocolate aftertaste. To die for for those who are dark chocolate worshippers like my brother! Soft, tender and moist, ahhh!

Although I have tasted better chocolate truffle than this, the one I tasted cost a bomb. This is really not bad. Probably it gets 80% if the better chocolate truffle is marked at 100%.

The avocado cake on the left is simply great, thick and melt in your mouth, in contrast with the royaltine. If you like thick and rich cakes, this is it for you! (Sorry that the cakes do not look presentable. They look so tempting we literally eat it once we get it into the car, ending up with the cocoa powder flying all over the place.)

With that kind of price (S$3.50-4.50), this kind of quality is incredible to resist. I will never be surprised if a identical cake with its similar size to be worth at least S$10 in the market. Buy now or forever hold your regret! Indulge, savour and enjoy!

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