Friday, July 03, 2009


Well, I guess there are two types of people watching this movie. One type is the ones who grew up with the Transformers toys and cartoon, which is me. The other type is the one who goes for storyline. Who cares about storyline? Just give me all the freaking battles and the cool transformation processes. That's all I care!

I was talking about the importance of being realistically portrayed for a movie of a cartoon to be good. James Bond must look like Sean Connery, Batman must look like Batman and Spiderman must look like Spiderman. Of course, to be fair, the robots are too reflective and shiny. The pieces of metal are just too broken up into too many pieces that sometimes you just can't tell whether it is the head or the legs or the arms when they transform. When they fight, it gets even more confusing. The problem is they are not giving all the robots the distinctive colours they have like in the cartoon. Many of them are just silver shiny metal pieces so when they fight, you can't tell who is who.

Overall, the boys will love the movie because of the Transformers of course and the hot Megan Fox. We should not forget the appearance of another hot babe Isabel Lucas. Mamamia! I also admit I feel abit irritated when the last battle got abit repetitive and long. There are no surprises or changes but just to prolong the battle for the sake of dragging more time. I guess they want the fans to get as much as metal display as possible until they are sick of it.

One highlight of the film is the appearance of the Devastator. It is about time the multirobot transformation into another huge giant robot is being used. I wished they would have the Autobots version out too, like the multiforce or dinobots. That will be freaking cool!

I will rate this film above average. They really spent a lot on the CG and the effort must be applauded no matter how bad the storyline is. Go and enjoy it you Transformers fans!



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