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Argentina 1-3 Brazil

First Argentinian home lost in 16 years.
Brazil qualified for World Cup.

I woke up in the plan to watch this match in the second half. Unfortunately the mamak store I went to do not subscribe the particular channel that shows this match. I came back to my apartment to bet on the cafeteria below my unit. Interestingly, they were showing the match and there were a few people watching there, most probably football betting fans and bookies from their conversation.

My analysis from the match from the second half alone, it is better than the Champions League football final. Both sides were dangerous and provided the fans with the free flow beautiful offensive football that was non-stop. You have to enjoy this match if you are a football fan, no matter which country or club you are supporting.

Messi was great but alone. I could easily spot the problem right on with Argentina when I was watching straight from where I started. What the heck is an old man which is already 34 years old, Mr. Veron doing on the filed? They even gave him the role to do freekicks which all ended ridiculously and wasted all Argentinian chances. He is too slow and takes too much time to send passes. Maradona should bring in younger players to the field like Brazil. It is time to move on away from Veron. Next, when I see Heinze on the field, I straight away concluded that the weakest link will cause a lot of attack to penetrate in from there.

Straight away a goal was scored with Kaka sending a beautiful assist for Luis Fabiano to score a brace. It was definitely straight at the left link. One of Real Madrid's best transfer decisions was to get rid of Heinze. Kaka shows how good he is in orchestrating the Brazilian offensive strategies from the middle. Jesús Dátolo, Diego Milito and Messi were the best players for Argentina on the field. Dátolo's goal just before Fabiano's brace was magnificent and beautiful. Messi was dangerous but his intentions and passes always ended up nowhere. Many a times he was stuck alone with many Brazilians defending him from going near the goalmouth.

Argentina were lucky that Brazil did not push much further after the third goal. There were times where goals could be scored and Brazil could easily get two or three more. Argentina pushed too many players up front, leaving a big hole behind. At times, Brazilian counter-attacks were done with just 2-3 players at the back defending the goal. Dunga's decision to bring in the unwanted and overweight Adriano already signaled their intention to be contented with the scoreline.

Argentina need to regroup and really try harder to face the remaining three matches as they could wait until the last match to get confirmation to qualify for the World Cup. The next encounter with Paraguay will be tricky but crucial for their qualification to the World Cup. They are currently fourth on the table but Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay and Venezuela have chances to overtake them. Their remaining matches are 9 September 2009 away to 2nd place Paraguay, 10 October 2009 home to 10th place Peru and 14 October 2009 away to 7th place Uruguay. I hope Maradona really do something wise and quick!

As for Pele, shut up. Your comments should not be taken seriously too. There is a famous known fact in the football field that whatever Pele said will have an opposite outcome. At least for Maradona, he has the guts to manage his country's national football team while you just stand at the side talking rubbish with ease all the time.

Brazil Legend Pele: Diego Maradona Can't Be Taken Seriously
'The King' sent harsh words to the Argentina boss...
Sep 2, 2009 2:34:57 AM

If there are two people who will never see eye-to-eye they are Pele and Diego Maradona, arguably the two greatest players to have ever graced a football field.

The lead-up to the crucial World Cup qualifier between Argentina and Brazil has been intense, and both sets of teams have exchanged opinions over the past few weeks.

After recent declarations made by Maradona, which included saying things like "I was a better player than Pele was" and "Argentina have better players than Brazil", Pele has finally attempted to put the 1986 World Cup winner in his place, right before the big match.

"I'm confident in Brazil, most of all against teams who we have always been superior to, like Argentina," said Pele.

"Beating great rivals like Argentina gives you a different feeling," he admitted.

Pele continued: "But we already know who Maradona is...what he says isn't worth taking into consideration."

Then he contradicted himself by stating that Maradona has the potential to be a good coach in the future: "He has everything to become a great coach, but hopefully it doesn't start against Brazil."

As is in his nature, Maradona will surely respond to Pele's declarations with harsh words of his own within the next few days.

Gregory Sica,

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