Thursday, September 10, 2009


Will Argentina make it? If you read my previous post in the match against Brazil, I have been saying that they should not put old man Veron in the team. He slows down the entire plot to attack. His freekicks are not lethal at all. You can even have the goalie asleep and the ball still won't go in. I did not watch the latest match but losing to 2nd place Paraguay now makes them drop to 5th place. Perhaps the red card to Veron is a blessing in disguise. Now Maradona, use someone fast and imaginative to replace him. I did not watch the latest match but if they are still playing the same, I really think they should beef up their defence, which is as lousy as Real Madrid's. I cannot envision a World Cup without Argentina!!!

Portugal is another team which may risk not going to the World Cup. Pepe helped Portugal win 0-1 away against Hungary. I hope Portugal can qualify too. France is also in a desperate situation as Domenech is being blamed. England has qualified because of the Capello formula. Others that have qualified include South Africa (as host), Australia, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Holland, Spain, Ghana and of course Brazil and Paraguay. Countries assured of playoffs include Bahrain, New Zealand, Slovakia, Germany, Russia, Serbia, Italy, USA and Mexico.

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