Thursday, September 10, 2009


I'm currently busy with transferring between departments. Oh well, technically speaking I'm belonging to the same department but because of collaboration work, I am working at the other department. I am in the process of transferring back to my own department. I guess I will have more free time to blog next week.

I was hanging out with my friend the other day when we casually talked about the Hungry Ghost Festival and the Mooncake Festival. He took out his jailbroke Iphone 3G S and opened up his 老黄历 which he got from It is so funny to be looking through this ancient Chinese lunar calendar on the iPhone 3G S. I found out that the most suitable day to move for this whole week is next Monday! Well, it is settled then. Hahaha! By the way, Jobs' return could again bring something exciting from Apple again.

By the way, I enquired about the availability of HTC Hero or Samsung i7500 (Galaxy) but they told me it is not ready as a bundle yet for any contract through StarHub. HTC Hero technically speaking had arrived last Friday and we can buy it. We are getting two for research, can't wait to touch it after touching HTC Magic.



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