Wednesday, January 06, 2010


No news is good news, as the saying goes. This is the third free paper in Singapore after TODAY and 我报 My Paper. However, Good Paper is only published bi-monthly and wants to prove the saying wrong. I just picked up my first issue today. It doesn't feel like a newspaper. TODAY is a full English paper, My Paper is a 50-50 English-Chinese bi-lingual paper and now Good Paper is a good news bi-lingual paper, sounds like a Christian paper. Anyway, we'll see how far this paper will go.

Good Paper is a bi-monthly, bi-lingual newspaper devoted to only the positve side of news. Good Paper is filled with motivational commentaries and events, heart-warming projects and inspirational stories of ordinary people. Best of all, because we believe that good news should come at no cost - every issue of Good Paper is yours for free.

We at Good Paper firmly believe that as more good news is shared and read - one day at a time, as it slowly spreads among us, there will be more acts of love, kindness and courage. Good news can bring forth more positive thinking in people which will beget positive acts in a society that is in need of more graciousness and compassion.

Kindness transcends all boundaries and through the enduring legacy of language, its capacity to inspire, strengthen, and unite us all, will further encourage us to spread it around.

Thank you for choosing to read Good Paper!

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