Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Alright, I have heard of how complicated Tokyo's subway network is but I have never really seen it. I have been using the Shanghai and Hong Kong ones before and feel that they are not that complicated. This morning I saw the Tokyo metro network as part of my work and believe me, finding a station is like finding a pin on the beach. Mind you this is just the central network map, which is then connected to many other networks out of Tokyo. I had seen one of the connected networks as part of my work too and it is just as complicated. This brings to shame the spaghetti road network in Kuala Lumpur that we are so 'proud' of.

I don't know how the Japanese can read this map. I think I need at least 30 minutes to read out every station in the map. I think the person who drew this map took at least a day to arrange it in nicely and another day to just draw it.

Tokyo Metro



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