Sunday, July 04, 2010


Argentina 0-4 Germany
Paraguay 0-1 Spain

Well, what else do I need to say? Argentina's defence was the major reason for the downfall. Spain is probably the team with the highest post hitting goal shots. You really need all the luck in the world at this stage of the competition.

People have been telling me about a Holland-Germany final already. Mani the Parakeet and Paul the Octopus are two animals who are predicting things very accurately so far. Mani predicted a Uruguay-Spain final with Spain becoming the champion. Paul on the other hand predicts Germany to win the World Cup.

I am still with Spain since Argentina had fallen. Germany will be a tough nut to crack. The Spanish should start praying hard that the goalpost is no longer preventing the goals being scored. May Lady Luck returns for them! Torres better start performing or we should play with a lone striker or get Mata or Pedro to replace him. Germany will be fast and dangerous on the breaks.

As for Uruguay and Holland, I do wish for a fairer match. The match between Holland and Brazil had been very ugly. I have to admit a few Dutch players were quite good at play acting in the match and the referee was conned a few times. However, Brazil also have some divers too and Melo deserved a red card for that challenge.

There are only four matches left. Better not miss them.

7/6/10 7:30 PM BST Uruguay-Netherlands
7/7/10 7:30 PM BST Germany-Spain
7/10/10 7:30 PM BST Third Place Play-Off
7/11/10 7:30 PM BST Final

Have a fluster on Holland

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