Sunday, July 11, 2010


Paul was right again no matter what I hope for! It was a pity that Klose did not play as I heard he had a back pain. A very open play match which was exciting to watch. Cacau started for Germany as they rested some of their key players like Lahm, Klose and Podolski. Muller scored the first goal and he had 5 goals. Forlan scored the second goal of his team and he had 5 goals as well. Forlan's volley goal was again beautiful. He took a corner which seemed like it almost sailed into the goal! The rain came down heavily halfway through the first half and it started to get slippery for both teams. Uruguay's goalie, Nestor Muslera Micol, was struggling to handle the ball since it started raining. He also caused a lot of panic in the penalty box from crosses and corners. I think he was at fault for all the goals being scored against his team. Uruguay should find a better goalie in the future!!!

Germany were fast and furious in distributing the balls. Schweinsteiger was the architect of the German's engine room who dictated play and the offensive flow of his team. However, he lost a crucial ball which led to the equalizer by Cavani. Uruguay on the other hand were good with technical skills, able to navigate the ball extremely well in the tightest of spaces. Suarez, the guy who used his hand to help his team go into the semifinals, was being booed almost all the time he touches the ball. He was not playing well as he missed a few golden chances in the penalty box.

The match more or less ended when Khedira headed in the goal at the last few minutes of the match from a confusing corner. I declare again that the goalie, Micol, was responsible for his bad positioning which caused the goal to be scored. In fact, the first goal which Muller scored was also because the goalie was not able to handle a strike by Schweinsteiger which led the ball to freely drop in front of Muller. German's second goal by Jansen was scored from a cross where the goalie was again not positioning himself well. Diego Forlan ended the match with a free kick that hit the post in extra-time. If only it went in.....

Congratulations to Germany for finishing third again! They have a young side and that means the next World Cup will be the best chance for them to become champions! Uruguay do have some exciting players who can still make it in the next World Cup. I hope to see them again! I want to congratulate Diego Forlan because he scored every single goal beautifully at the World Cup 2010.

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