Sunday, June 24, 2012


Spain scored their opening goal courtesy of a good run by Alba on the left. The 19th minute goal from a Xabi Alonso header from Jordi Alba's left side cross was possible after Alba's ability to run away off his marker. It was definitely great for Alonso to score for his 100th cap for his country. Ribery was probably the most dangerous French player that gave the Spanish defence some problems with Benzema working hard to connect well. Cabaye had a beautiful attempt from a free-kick that tested Casillas well. However, overall in the first half, the Spanish controlled about 65% possessions to make sure that they led the match.

In the 2nd half, the French began to control more possessions and created some really decent chances during their offensive attack. They managed to bring down the possessions of the Spanish below 60%. Most of the chances were wasted by the miscommunication and bad connection between the players when nearing the goal in attack. Benzema was less lethal and coordinated in the 2nd half. I think Ribery was probably the best French player in the match and yet again the one creating the most troubles to the Spanish defence. Nasri came into the match in the 65th minute to give more offensive power to the French. For Spain, they answered by taking out Silva and Fabregas about the same time while bringing in two strikers of Pedro and Torres. It was a strange decision for me since the Spanish were losing possessions in the middle at that time. Torres was caught offside for a few runs towards the French goal. In the late 89th minute, Pedro gave Spain a penalty courtesy of a push by Reveillere after a nice run into the penalty box by leaving Rami. Xabi Alonso stepped up and nailed the penalty to get his second goal of the match.

Spain will proceed to play against Portugal in the semis!

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