Monday, September 29, 2003


i was complaining with my friends dat it has been raining non-stop 4 e past few days n caused lotsa problems in visitng my site 4 some site analysises. it has been irritating, e rain just pour down 4 e whole day, so strong dat it can go on 4ever. when we had a chance 4 site visit, it was also after a heavy downpour, n e sky was so dark dat i worried it will rain b4 i have e time 2 finish my work. luckily, time was on my side.

in formula 1, when we mention rain, there is onli 1 driver in my understanding among legends dat is nearly SUPERHUMAN. somehow, rain is a force of nature dat perhaps is part of his birth element in terms of chinese feng shui? haha! cut e crap! but i had seen many races in e past, when e rain came, n he was incredible n phenomenal on track. he could overtake with great ease n race fearlessly stable in e slippery track. rain is just like part of him. nature or God came 2 schumacher's answer in indianapolis. i really hope i had watched dat spectacular race, but i didn't. no live coverage here 4 public tv in s'pore. but when i knew he was starting in 7th from e grid, with raikkonen taking e pole, n montoya starting from 4th, i have no idea n confidence dat schumacher is gonna win e race unless:

1. both of them crashed out some way or another
2. both of them have some failures in e car dat forces them out
3. schumacher has 2 take intense risks 2 overtake thru e field

schumacher was confident b4 e race, i thought he was just trying 2 b calm as a professional. ferrari is less perfect tis season so i dun think any miracle can happen so drastically n i thought schumacher's title will b veli hard 2 achieve by starting from 7th. but i totally forgot about e rain. i also dunno e rain probability in indianapolis rite now. thus, it did not cross over my mind 1 bit. until e race had gone n e rain came, them e INVINCIBLE schumacher with his great Bridgestone wet tyres conquer e field. but schumacher was champion 4 onli 17 laps becoz as e rain stopped, raikkonen began 2 move up e standings until 2nd. still, starting from 7th n winning e race is oredi great enuf 2 notice. sadly, barrichello collided with montoya n was out of action 2 finish e race.

my friend johnny alwiz tell me schumacher does not deserve all e glories he has now 4 his cheating abilities in winning his earlier f1 titles. well, i admit it totally, schumacher has been 1 of e most cunning racers i had ever seen in f1. 2 me, senna was a true racer. i also hate him so much in his earlier days of racing b4 he switched 2 ferrari. how he won e titles in such a manner was veli controversial. people hated him alot. but people alwiz forgot how schumacher went 2 ferrari n struggled at e start. how ferrari was so damn lousy at dat time n how much he had 2 fight till he overtook e title from hakkinen. dat was supreme. he demonstrated 2 e world dat he dun have 2 go 2 a good team 2 become a champion, he can start building from e bottom up. although he dominated f1 last season, he had gone a long way 2 wat he is 2day. n i pity so many anti schumacher sites around e world. i guess they r just jealous.

i am sure after tis season, by all means even if schumacher fails 2 capture e title, he had demonstrated how good he still is n worthy 2 claim e title after ferrari's supremacy has been decreasing with e rise of raikkonen n montoya 2 challenge him so strongly in e title race. although now, it is onli left with raikonnen, it is not over until it is over. argentina's juan manuel fangio won five f1 titles in the 1950s, schumacher matched dat last season, he can overtake it tis season in e last race at suzuka. raikkonen knows he has a tall mountain 2 climb in suzuka with e 9 points advantage schumacher holds. i would wish 4 schumacher 2 win e title again, he truly deserves it.

'it's 1 of my best days in my life,' schumacher said. 'it's such an important moment, such an unusual race, so many possibilities 2 happen, and 2 win such a race at a crucial moment, it just adds up.' well, dat's how a legend is able 2 b called so in e 1st place.

ok, done editing of e finnish poster art exhibition. i managed 2 go yesterday n got permission 2 snap most of e things on display. there r too many photos so i split e whole thing into 2 parts so it wun take e bandwidth by too much n slows down loading. enjoy guys!


Finland In Poster Art Part 1 (September 2003)
Finland In Poster Art Part 2 (September 2003)


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