Friday, May 27, 2005


Barcelona are already in the lead in making news of their capture of Van Bommel of PSV and now Santi Ezquerro of Athletic Bilbao. I always wonder how come players in Barcelona never complain if they don't make it into the starting line-up. They have as much players as Chelsea or more. They are still buying like peanuts.

There are news of Ronaldo linking to AC Milan. If it is anything but true, I am more than happy! I want however Robinho to come in. To me, this is the guy who is able to match Samuel Eto'o easily or far better. Bring in Joaquin too, it will be a great buy. Cristino Ronaldo? I really don't know about that kid. No doubt I am impressed with his abilities during the FA Cup finals, but I feel he is not the type who can decide match results for you. Still not quite there yet. Sell Beckham and buy Riquelme. That will be great! However, I don't think Perez wants to sell his business asset so I will just keep on suffering as a Real Madrid fan.

Still, there are alot of rumours of Owen going back to England to play for Manchester United. New Manchester United supremo Joel Glazer is set to discuss the signing of Real Madrid striker Michael Owen with manager Sir Alex Ferguson. How true is that? No idea. Beckham? Well, Gunners boss Arsene Wenger expressed interest in signing Beckham earlier this month, while reports emerged over the weekend that new United owner Malcolm Glazer was to speak with manager Sir Alex Ferguson about bringing the England captain back to Old Trafford. For me, just another baseless rumour no matter how I don't want Beckham in Real Madrid.

Edu is still free for grabs. Have not agreed terms with anybody. Luis Fabiano is going to Sevilla. He, like Robinho, are Brazilian future stars. Sevilla had been quite good this season and this transfer from Porto will add more strength in their offence. Who is Vogel? For a while I thought it was 'Bogel'. Haha! I heard him signing for AC Milan from PSV. Is he good? Any of you heard of him?

Will Baros leave Liverpool still? What about Figo leaving Madrid and with news of him going to Manchester United? Reyes? Don't even think of buying him, I don't see anything special about him, especially after the FA Cup match. These are some questions lingering in my mind now. So far, Chelsea is pretty quiet. Hmmm, very weird indeed. I heard though that Mourinho is only looking at two players to be signed. That's it for the summer purchases.

Asier Del Horno, not familiar to me, is a left full back of Athletic Bilbao which interests Chelsea. I heard many good things about this fellow, that he has alot of pace and aggression to get forward and score goals.

Then, another highly rated player that everybody talks about in Spain is Sergio Ramos of Sevilla. He is fast, hard and skilful as a centre-back. Arrigo Sacchi seems to fall in love with his abilities and wanted to get him for Real Madrid. Forget Woodgate! Julio Baptista of Sevilla is also getting alot of attention from Sacchi.

Real president Florentino Perez asked after Ramos during Sunday's 2-2 draw between the two clubs, but Laporta has instructed his representatives to accelerate negotiations with the youngster's agent and also Seville officials. I remember Sacchi also interested in Juventus' Emerson as well as Osasuna's Pablo Garcia.

As for Deco's remark for Cristino Ronaldo.

"Personally it does worry me that Cristiano Ronaldo could play there," he said. "He is a great player and it is better that he plays at Barcelona.

"I like my friends and want the best things for them but not at Real, our biggest rival in Spain."

So what is he trying to say? That players only get the best things when they play for Barcelona? Fuck off lah Deco, you are no different than Eto'o. I have no respect for players who persuade others to join their club in fear that they join other clubs and saying bad things about others. This really piss me off. These kind of players don't behave like professionals.

In Real Madrid, there is Luis Figo too, who also plays for Portugal, I don't know what is in his mind when he said this, but if I am Figo, I will be damn pissed to have him playing alongside me in the Portugese team knowing Deco is a Brazilian and then said such things to persuade Cristino Ronaldo to go Barcelona. His excuse was he only get the best in Barcelona, meaning he will only get second best if he plays for Real Madrid. They are showing no respect to Real Madrid.

This reminds me of Ronaldinho advice to Adriano.

Barcelona ace Ronaldinho has urged Inter Milan striker Adriano to join him at the Nou Camp next season. Adriano is a favourite of Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, but Ronaldinho said: "I hope Adriano soon joins me.""He is an absolute champion and I would love to play with him here.""In any case, I will do what I can to make sure he does not finish at Real Madrid."

To me, Barcelona are really KIASU! That's the right word to use. Whoever Real Madrid are interested, they will ask them to sign for Barcelona instead, not forgetting their squad is as big as two Real Madrid squads combined together. So scared of good players joining their rivals by persuading them to join their club instead. I have never heard of Real Madrid chasing every single Barcelona target like what they did.

Let's have a look at the star players of Barcelona, not counting Riquelme and Saviola. They have Valdes, Belletti, Marquez, Puyol, van Bronckhorst, Edmilson, Sylvinho, Motta, Xavi, Giuly, Ronaldinho, Gerard, Gabri, Deco, Albertini, Iniesta, Larsson, Eto'o, Maxi Lopez and now Van Bommel with Santi Ezquerro. That will be 1 goalie, 6 defenders, 10 midfielders, 4 strikers. This does not even include their total substitutes. How do you make everyone happy?


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