Wednesday, March 01, 2006


You can say the greatest birthday present for me this year is for Perez to resign as Real Madrid president. Hopefully, it is for the better!

Damn, I'm getting so old! Better plan to start a family soon! Haha! Some friends my age already have like 2-4 children!!! I am very far behind!

I don't want to grow old with kids who looks like 'grandchildren' to me! I always notice in the MRT in Singapore that these ladies who look easily 50-60 years old holding the children in their hands and I thought they are the grandchildren. Until the 'grandchildren' call them 'MOMMY!', I just stare bewildered!

Imagine when the kids enter university, the parents may be in their twilight years of age the most or gone completely! Scary!

P/S: Thanks to Shevy for your 'cheesecake' man! I wish it is that easy to make one.


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