Friday, April 13, 2007


Remember I mentioned I had my first ever interview during Friday the 13th? Today, I will have my presentation for the funding for the conference in Nanjing. Well, I guess Friday the 13th is always an eventful day for me. I had prepared almost everything for my trip this Sunday to Shanghai. I think I just have to buy some medicine for the trip for fever, cold, diarrhoea and cough. As you guys know, there is this new 100ml maximum per item for hand carry for travelling in air now. Blame it on the terrorists for all the inconvenience caused. Now, you have to measure how much water you want to bring with you or any liquid, cream, paste and gel you want to hand carry. Air travel is getting more and more inconvenient.

I will be going to the semifinal ABC badminton tournament tomorrow afternoon. RM20 for a semifinal ticket and I think RM30 for the final. Hope I enjoy watching international badminton matches live for the first time.


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