Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Real Madrid will go into the final match against Real Mallorca with a big possibility of not having many of their top players. Diarra will miss it as he is called up to play for the Mali national team. Gago, Higuain, Marcelo and Robinho could miss too as their countries Brazil and Argentina prepare for trainings.

It is funny that Ronaldinho and Kaka can be excused and not Robinho. Another funny thing is that the Copa America competition only starts 26 June 2007 and Robinho is forced to go for training camp and not play in the last match of the season on 17 June 2007. Why can't Dunga let him report late to camp because the league he plays in has not ended? Fishy.

Real Mallorca have not lost at the Bernabeu since the last 5 visits. I am sure you guys remember Samuel Eto'o days on loan there and now you have Barcelona's Maxi Lopez on loan there too. It will be a hard match to win!

Let's talk about Thierry Henry for a bit since you see his faces all over the headlines of almost every football site in the internet. I had grown sick and tired of his Barcelona affair. It is probably the longest and most suffering speculation in football history after Robinho's. Remember few seasons back, we have the link of Robinho to Real Madrid? I just hope this issue is settled once and for all. I also find it extremely weird that Barcelona players come out one after another to declare their desires to have Henry in Nou Camp to play alongside them but nobody makes a complaint. Can a club allow its players to declare affection publicly for another player from another club to play in the league as often as they can afford it in the news?

Anyway, back to the NBA. Spurs already won Game 3 and is on the way to victory! Can the Cavaliers stop them? It will be an embarrassing defeat if the Spurs sweep through perfectly.


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