Saturday, June 28, 2008


Germany VS. Spain
Ernst Happel Stadion
19:45 UK

Who shall win it? Germany has experience for the big occasions. Spain are in good form. For me, the ultimate team who can perform at the highest level and in better form will win in the final. Based on the performance of the semifinal matches, Spain are stronger and have good chance to win. I am supporting Spain and I hope they will win.

Bastian Schweinsteiger is Germany's most dangerous man at the moment for me. I recalled the comentator said if he scores, Germany cannot lose! Ballack needs to play better as he was extremely quiet in the semifinal. Lahm is another man to look out for especially when he runs up to the opponent's penalty box like Torres. Podolski had been a threat in the semifinal from the left wing. His crosses should provide Germany with a lot of offensive power. Klose always score crucial goals for Germany and therefore, he is another player to keep watch. He always appear when you don't expect it the most.

Spain will be without Villa. Therefore, I suggest they bring in Fabregas and play Torres alone in front. If Aragones is brave enough, he should bring in Guiza instead of Torres. Torres is too heavily guarded in the competition and falls so easily. I don't watch much of the EPL this season but his tendecies to fall easily irritates me. It looks as if he is trying very hard to earn himself a penalty all the time. Xavi, Fabregas, Silva and Iniesta should take turns to go forward more to support the striker. Senna will again be the solid rock as the last obstacle in front of the defence. Xavi is defensely better than Fabregas, Silva and Iniesta so he can play slightly more defensive if required. Casillas is the confidence in defence and I believe his very presence is giving much advantage to Spain in defence. He will have to be in peak form against the tall Germans.

Let's have a great final to enjoy!


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