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"Malaysia is a relatively safe country with 772 crimes for every 100,000 residents in the country. This ratio compares favourably with Hong Kong where there are 1,166 cases for every 100,000 residents; Japan 1,569 cases and Australia 4,470 cases. Taken as a whole, the statistics showed that only Singapore with 704 cases per 100,000 residents had a safer environment."

You believe the statistics? If it is true, that means for every 100,000 residents, we only have 68 more cases than Singapore. At least they are smart enough not to put it lower than Singapore. Japan is also one of the safest countries in the planet but has more than double the crime rate of Malaysia. Sugoi! Honto ni sugoi!

You ask them to walk or jog alone at night in Malaysia VS. in Singapore, see who has the higher chance of being robbed, raped or/and murdered. I don't know how many millions of unreported cases are there in Malaysia every year. You can do an experiment - purposely put a bag somewhere and wait, see at which country the thing got stolen faster. You will know the result even before you conduct it.

Japanese and Singaporean primary school children can walk to school alone. Try that in Malaysia. You carry out a handbag in Singapore and in Malaysia, see which one is still strapped to your arm? Why do housings in Singapore require no gates but housings in Malaysia need? Why do we bother to pay more for private security firms to take care of our neighbourhoods? Why do we need to double, triple lock our houses and carry tonnes of keys? We enjoy opening locks? Why do we need to use sterling wheel and pedal locks when parking in Malaysia but I don't even bother when in Singapore? Why do I need to specially buy those 3D keys which are difficult to duplicate when in Malaysia but I don't need in Singapore? Why do we need to install alarm systems in our houses but you don't have to in Singapore? Why in Singapore I can walk or sleep in buses or MRTs without noticing my wallet full time while in Malaysia I have to check constantly every now and then in public areas?

When they advertise new condominium and apartment blocks, the major selling point in the ad is security, sometimes even 3-tier security system as I had seen in Johor Bahru. This is probably a useless point for Singapore to sell housing properties. Finally, the most ultimate thing of all to compare. Singapore banks do not have protective or bullet-proof glass in front of the front counters to serve the customers. Can Malaysia make it? Wait for another 100 years. Please use your brain, use your brain. (Phua Chu Kang's influence)

All I have to say is I don't believe the statistics one bit because I have witness with my own eyes crimes happening LIVE in front of me and police who just sit in car at the scene of the crime and too scared to come down to do anything. I also was a victim of the crime and the police did not want to bother to get a report done. I also heard experience of people becoming victims but did not want to report because it means a lot of trouble and most likely the case will close by itself. If it is at least 5 times more than Singapore, then perhaps I will believe.

I also read about another statistics which breaks it down into details. Now, these figures are more believable.

"Homicide per 100,000 population is 1.09 cases in Japan, 0.26 cases in Hong Kong but 2.12 in Malaysia; while rape per 100,000 population is 1.62 in Japan, 1.54 in Hong Kong while in Malaysia it is 11.47. For robbery per 100,000 population, it is 4.78 for Japan, 17.56 for Hong Kong while 90.49 for Malaysia."

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