Monday, June 14, 2010


Three days gone. We have been complaining about the lack of goals until early this morning our local time (Singapore/Malaysia) when the Germans killed Australians 4-0. Most of the matches ended 0-0, 1-0 or 1-1. Serbia were beaten 0-1 by Ghana with a penalty kick. Unknowns Algeria were beaten 0-1 by Slovenia. England were held 1-1 by United States. I hope they improve from their first performance.

South Koreans scored the highest goals amount with the 2-0 win against Greece before the Germany-Australia match. Uruguay were unfortunately held to a 0-0 draw with France. I was hoping Uruguay to beat France but they were down to 10 men. Mexico, with their young side, managed only a draw against the host, South Africa. I believe they will improve as the tournament progresses as they gain experience and momentum to play as a team. It was just as entertaining a match as the Argentina-Nigeria match.

Argentina beat Nigeria 1-0 but it could have gone either way. Mikel John Obi's absence could be the reason for their ineffectiveness but Nigeria had been dangerous for the entire match. Higuain wasted tonnes of chances but to be fair to him, some of them were difficult to execute and Messi was dangerous like hell with his tries on goal. One of those chances was merely blocked by the fingertips of the goalie. The funny thing about that match was that we thought the referee's uniforms resemble the Spanish jersey with the red background and yellow highlights. Maradona was also very dramatic showing his emotions at the side of the pitch. The green laser shone at Messi and Maradona was another thing being talked about after the match.

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