Friday, September 19, 2003


my very first impression of her when I saw her was WHO IS THIS KID? then, it was WAT THE HECK? SHE CAN DANCE SO WELL?!! HOW OLD IS SHE?? after searching for more info, i realized dat she is onli 17! my goodness! in my opinion, if michael jackson n janet jackson r e best dancers from e west, then BoA will b e queen of dance from e east! i have nvr seen any eastern artist dat can dance like her, n her dance is not just rubbish, it follows e rhythm well so it does not get out of e beat of every music flow. haha! dunno how 2 describe it musically since i onli done my grade 7 in piano when i was 12 years old. forgot alot of my musical exposure.

anyway, since then i collect her mtvs becoz i admire how she can dance. she is veli cute n her latest album, princess atlantis or something like dat has a new catchy song i like in korean. it is a cute dance song but still make it veli appealing. she can make dance moves veli simple, yet veli nice. overall, i hope she can develop into a better dancer as she gains more experience. there r 15 korean exchange students 2 my batch tis year, n i asked my studio korean friend about BoA. haha! 2 them, she is a kid n perhaps e impression i got was i am not mature 2 listen or admire her dance moves. haha! they rather go 4 baby vox or other more mature artists. but 2 me, BoA dances so well, she is more mature n better than any asian artists out there. perhaps aaron kwok n alex to can dance well, but looking at her many songs with different dance moves in a concert n 2 dance them all out, it is incredible. go BoA!

Finally got all the photos I took in Malacca in August published online. Here it is folks:


Malacca (August 2003)

Stay tuned 4 e Putrajaya photos, e highlite will b e shangri-la putrajaya hotel with e theme of high tech hotel in e tropical setting.


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