Monday, September 22, 2003


oh well, i was more concerned of raul's injury than e victory. ok ok, so beckham has again proved 2 play another good match so is dat not enuf 2 convince me dat he is good enuf 4 real madrid? well, until real meet teams like barca, depor, bayern munich, mu, arsenal, juventus, inter, ac, lazio, then i will b really convinced. went 2 look 4 shevy's champions league jersey 4 my friend johnny n i almost vomit blood at e shop. e double layer ac milan jersey bearing his name costs around S$195 now. it is veli expensive! e start of e season is anticipated 2 make jerseys cost more, but tis is too much 2 swallow. i called him n he said he will settle 4 anything below S$160, so i think we have 2 wait.

e news everybody will b focused on will definitely b e clash of MU n Arsenal. wat really happened? i watched e footage of e clip where vieira challenged van nistelrooy n i dun c much of an impact 4 a card. i also cry foul n thus think dat he shouldn't b sent off. no wonder e arsenal players r so pissed off with him. now e FA wanna take action 4 e incident after e match. oh well, another controversy we alwiz hear will b DIVING. e defence will say under such tackles, if e player dun fall down, he could break a million bones. e offence will say e tackle is so soft, e DIVE is done purposely. so DIVE OR NO DIVE?

newcastle drew again! n now r almost at e bottom of e table, totenham oredi sacked hoddle, robson better watch out! many top teams drew, expecially in e serie a so nothing 2 shout about.


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