Tuesday, September 30, 2003


well, friends who bet alot of footie persuaded me 2 give them some hints b4 matches n instead of talking about a match after it is over. all had been lost n won. well, i certainly dun encourage betting here or provide accurate 'PROPERCHIES' of wat is going 2 happen b4 every match. but i do my research on past matches as well as reading many views of different sites b4 i make my own conclusion n reflection. i dunno how accurate my opinions will b, but watever it is, it is done 4 pure interest. i myself dun have e financial capabilites 2 bet. so i dun mind donations, haha! i will onli preview matches dat i am more familiar with. here goes:

arsenal r in deep shit with injury problems. e list will include vieira, ljungberg, campbell n perhaps keown n cole. moscow like kiev, r teams hard 2 crack in their home. if truly all of them fail 2 appear, arsenal may have a chance 4 another defeat. if not, they can win tis tie or unluckily get a draw. ARSENAL WIN

munich still is far more a better side, they can win tis, bad luck will force a draw. nevertheless, they wun wan a repeat of last season. kahn has some issues 2 settle. MUNICH WIN

with galatasaray not going 2 have sukur n penbe 4 e match, although sociedad r champions league rookies, they can win tis if they play well in turkey. take full advantage of e 2 influential players' absence. SOCIEDAD WIN

vieri will not feature so e subs will play, they did well against arsenal so kiev better beware. inter have been firing blanks lately in serie a, so dat may b a problem. kiev as alwiz veli dangerous a team 2 look down on. if inter play well, they can win tis. INTER WIN

tis is my 1st try so we'll c how it goes. haha! i dun predict draws so if it is a draw, it does not count then.


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