Sunday, September 14, 2003


busy with cadding of my design studio project. will combine with friends 2nite, my things r almost done, so i plan 2 take a rest 2 break 4 dinner. my uncle in shanghai is coming 2 s'pore 2nite, he has a meeting at e office in s'pore 2molo but not sure whether he will stay with me in e hostel. he did talk about it 2 days ago. anyway, i was cadding last nite n having e nuscast(campus webtv) online 2 watch e real madrid match. no idea it will go into a rampage of goals! e avalanche of goals forced me 2 switch over e tv window from time 2 time when e commentator started 2 speed up his talks. hehe! well, i'm glad raul, my favourite footballer, scored a hattrick.

apparently, when ronaldo came 2 e club, raul plays down deeper into midfield while ronaldo plays further up in attack, thus lowering down e chances of him 2 score goals. but raul is a veli versatile player so as long as he is contributing 2 e team, i dun mind less goals. it is his dribblings, good touch, passes n great reflexes with e ball dat thrills me. i have no regrets buying a Champion League jersey of his! anyway, beckham played quite well last nite, perhaps e opponents r giving them too much room, but he has good passes n crosses, some resulted in goals. zidane added some magic in e match while ronaldo did some great dummies. figo is as alwiz hardworking attacking, n surprisingly he was at e rite flank. hmmm, up 2 now it seems like e coach is still experimenting with e midfield. n without makelele, which i think is a big loss 2 e team, real's defensive weaknesses may b exposed strongly against stronger teams like barcelona, deportivo, betis, valencia n sociedad.

another thing i fear alot is e limitness of players on e bench now dat so many had moved n some being loaned. thus, any injury spell will b a big problem. in e epl last nite, there r many 2 goals utd returned winning from a defeat, newcastle being held again, chelsea winning, southampton won, liverpool too, but arsenal r held, but still leading e table 4 now. looking 4ward 2 mcmanamann's man city debut 2nite. how well will he b playing there with another ex-real madrid player, anelka? i fancy anelka n mcmanamann, both play interesting football but both r being looked down n short of quality 2 get their respective country's cap. 2 me, they r more worthy than other lousy players in e english n french team. much more worthy. in serie a, both ac milan n lazio got their 2nd win out of 2 matches with e same 2-1 scoreline, e inzaghis (filippo n simone) scored 4 their respective squad. in e bundesliga,bayern munich tasted defeat eventhough new signing makaay scored, while leverkusen won 1-0.

e most important thing 2nite will b e formula 1 racing at monza. there r just a few races left n m.schumacher's title is being at stake here, struggling terribly in e last few races n suddenly ferrari's dominance in f1 is gone. well, dat could spell good news 2 formula 1 business as e competitiveness bring back e excitement in e sport. 1 thing we will focus on will b e michelin tyres issue. but can e ferraris fight back after being dominated by e bmws n mclarens 4 e last few races? m.schumacher got pole, barrichello got 3rd while montoya 2nd from pole. hope 2 c an exciting race ahead!!!


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