Thursday, September 18, 2003


i can't post photos now n then nowadays becoz i just sold my digicam. i plan 2 get 1 next year 4 my next architecture semester. 4 now, i have 2 borrow from a kind friend becoz my dream digicam is projected 2 b out at e end of e year. k, i just finished my architecture crit n 2 me, i am pretty satisfied with e progress n thus i hope 2 improve 4 e next one starting next week. i dun have time 2 enjoy champions league football tis week becoz was rushing 4 submission. i would like 2 thank my group members, sian chong n whei huong 4 their determination in making tis design project possible. group work is definitely hard but i enjoyed working with them.

e match scores r quite predictable, there is not much surprises rather than e shock arsenal 0-3 defeat in e hands of inter WITHOUT CRESPO or VIERI. imagine dat! paisehlah! chelsea's players started 2 feel discontent 4 not having 1st team football. i did have a discussion with my footie friends n we agreed ferguson's statement dat there bound 2 b conflicts in e end. how can u choose a starting 11 from a team with SO MANY STARS? either by favouritism or becoz of injury. if not, they r all equally good n deserving 2 b on e starting 11 list. so how now abromovich? i think it is hard, those who had played championship manager should know. when u spent money 2 buy alot of good players, deciding ur starting 11 is more stressful than e outcome of e match! haha!

unlike real madrid, they buy superstar players who r of exceptional quality so there is no doubt who shall b in e starting eleleven. but when u have so many potentials euqally or almost good of a certain position in ur team, it is veli hard. e plus side of coz will b u having enuf players 2 compensate any injuries or fatique cases. u will b fully loaded, but too much loading can kill u too. so we shall c how it will progress. like i said earlier, i am interested 2 c chelsea's n man city's progress tis season.

i will do postings of photos of my malacca n putrajaya trip these few days b4 my project 2 start. tis is e onli time when i have free time 2 do all these. i will try if possible 2 show u all e italian industrial design exhibition i went 2, n e 4 resorts i visited with my gf in kk, sabah. i just wan 2 say some of e biggest resorts in malaysia r in sabah. i had been 2 e 2 resorts in johor n they can't compete in terms of size.


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