Tuesday, September 23, 2003


my project 2 4 tis semester will be on Robertson Quay, including the famous nite life spot of muhamed sultan rd, framed by e s'pore river which looks more like a canal. well, will start intensive site analysis work from 2day 4 e presentation tis sat so i wun b updating much, probably just on footie stuff. will take some photos n perhaps document in my photo link if i found anything interesting. it will b an individual design in e end, n we r suppose 2 design a boutique hotel.

4 those who r not quite sure of e definition of a boutique hotel, it is a small scale, well furnished hotel specially designed 4 specific individual needs. according 2 my uncle, it is more expensive than a 5 star hotel, more like a country club kinda thing. in other words, it has 2 b veli high class. we will b visiting a boutique hotel i heard just having her opening ceremony recently or soon. watever it is, she is a new boutique hotel so perhaps i can bring my borrowed digicam n go 4 some snapshots.

btw, i took some time 2 document e italian exhibition i went 2 in my uni around 2001. it was a display of all e items from 1945-2000. here is e link folks!


The Italian Permanent Collection Of The Trenniale Di Milano (1945-2000) Exhibition (2001)


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