Friday, October 03, 2003


amd is having heavy publicity of their 64-bit processors. well, i have no idea on e ability of tis chip as i have not actually try it myself. but just a note i would like 2 make. e hardware industry is alwiz so much faster in front than e software industry. e graphic card is 1 great industry. they just try 2 get better n having more RAMs, yet they r not much games in e industry designed 2 fully utilize its capability 2 e fullest. so wat's e point of all tis? people just feel good having e latest n coolest gadgets. me too! haha!
so now dat not many softwares r being lined up 2 support 64-pit computing, will it actually take years b4 there is tis great shift n 32-bit programs just go extinct. i think i am in no position 2 answer dat, some more older computers of e 32-bit processing power is sufficient 4 most users oredi. so how they persuade people 2 move 1 step higher? i can't answer dat either. but 4 now, e publicity is powerful, in s'pore too. i failed 2 go 4 e launch becoz of being too busy. but it was mentioned dat e athlon chips r specially designed 2 b able 2 make 32-bit programs 2 work. so it moves both ways. it is faster too becoz e cache memory is huge.

Tom's Hardware is always a good source 4 further reading n understanding. they actually compare e athlons (64 fx n 64) with e intel p4 extreme.

e boutique hotel photos r done n posted. here r e links.


1926 Boutique Hotel Part 1 (October 2003)
1926 Boutique Hotel Part 2 (October 2003)

unfortunately, i am out of space in e diehardxblog website. so probably tis is among e last posts there.


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