Thursday, October 02, 2003


went 4 a boutique hotel visit 2day in chinatown 2day. will do a photo post on dat later on, latest by tis weekend. i visited my site at robertson quay 2 snap more shots on e empty lands. just 2 get e feel of e surroundings. 2 get some potential sites 2 develop my design project. it seems dat there r too many hotels on e site itself so 2 design another 1 is not veli smart. when there r so many competitors, why wan 2 go in n fight some more? but still deciding b4 studio 2molo. i can also choose 2 do a culinary institute. been out whole afternoon in e sun so pretty exhausted rite now. didn't make it 2 watch e real madrid match early tis morning, but luckily they won. again e scoreline is veli not convincing. oh well, expected from a team which hardly defend n count too much on e keeper.

english clubs shock defeats r on e headlines. who else? chelsea n man utd. so both my predictions r wrong, haha! well, i am no PROPHECT, so watever i put down r just my opinions, i can't b correct all e time, if i can, then i will quit skool n b a BET CONSULTANT, if there is any such title available in e future. not bad, i will spend my everyday life trying 2 analyze football matches. dat's a great career, even better than sports commentator. anybody in tis planet wan 2 hire me? haha! anywayz, i can't go much into e details of e matches becoz i didn't watch last nite n i did not read much of e news too. just 2 inform here dat there will b a cool boutique hotel photo post up veli soon. :) looking 4ward 2 it!

i got people e-mailing me about buying jerseys in s'pore. hehe! well, at least dat shows dat there r people who r reading. k, gonna go n grab some dinner now. hungry too.


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