Tuesday, March 09, 2004


yes folks, i am eagerly excited. all answers will b available after tis thurs. damn, n e odds r really at stake. wonder who will win go thru. there is a LIVE man utd vs. porto match 2molo morning.

real seems 2 b in a really bad condition after i watched dat league match against racing santander. damn......n munich is their old nemesis who is so damn hard 2 beat. with roberto carlos suspended, n ronaldo injured, n raul still not confirmed playing, things look 2 b pretty against them. i remember their encounter few years back when real was almost eliminated as bayern held a goal advantage. tis time around, it is more of e shortage of shooting guns in front n with e weak defence real have, casillas has 2 b in his top form 4 real 2 go thru. raul, even if he gets 2 b fit 2 play, is not scoring much tis season. dunno wat is wrong with him, but i hope he will play n start scoring b4 makaay goes wild at e other end. will b able 2 watch e real vs. bayern match on thurs morning LIVE too. i hope real will perform much better tis time around.

looking 4ward 4 depor 2 play well against juventus too with dat extra goal advantage. 4 me, these 3 matches r e ones i am interested about e outcome. e others r pretty much confirmed. arsenal should b able 2 go thru n with ac milan having a great run of results lately with kaka in top form, i cannot imagine them 2 b knocked out. chelsea? i wonder, but people keep saying they can go thru with dat 1 goal advantage. i am not so keen there though. not a man utd fan too so go porto!!!


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