Thursday, January 29, 2004


been ages since i last blogged. well, can't help it, i am not a veli regular disciplined person. i guess since blogging is something personal 2 me, i have e rite 2 blog whenever i wan. of coz i should apologize 4 not putting up a notice watsoever like wat most bloggers will do. well, cny was just over, n e whole festival should b ended with Chap Goh Meh. i'm in 3rd year 2nd sem so kinda busy as well.

well, i'm glad dat my fren huai bin has decided 2 start anew. not dat i like bugging people n tell them wat u should do with ur life. just dat i feel happy dat he decided 2 change his lifestyle. it is alwiz great 2 c people going back 2 e rite track after u had tried so hard (not really dat hard i suppose) 2 persuade them 2 come back. i should not b so worri anymore n he should b good on his own 2 live own his life. ganbatte neh!

i'm still not getting my digicam yet becoz was kinda disappointed by e review of e new sony cybershot dsc-f828. i guess i will b looking back 2 e cybershot dsc-f717 now. actually i did think about buying e fuji finepix s7000 as well as e canon rebel eos300d. e s7000 is rather disappointing too after going thru e reviews while e eos300d is a great camera, e kits n accessories r rather expensive. it is big n heavy so it is too much 4 me. of coz it is e best digicam among e 3 rite now.

i am looking 4ward 2 e mtv asia awards in s'pore on valentine's day. my fren(ting chuan)'s bro won e tix thru e radio contest back in malaysia but is unable 2 go. dat's why he gave me e tix. 10s alot! so it will b good 2 c who's around. i know michelle branch is gonna b e host. most artists dat r confirmed 2 go r new artists. i am kinda outdated with e current music scene, so i think i need 2 do some research n read up on them b4 i go 4 e show. i still live in e era of alanis morissette, 3rd eye blind, metallica n shania twain. so there u go.....back 2 work. will try 2 update more.


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