Wednesday, March 03, 2004


we went 2 holiday plaza n city square. we hunted holiday plaza 4 some pirated stuffs, haha! i heard many s'porean frens telling me dat they provide delivery services 4 u, so i guess i asked around 2 c wat is being offered. e 1st shop we approached handed us tis yellowish name card. i love e statement they printed behind: "We Expert Delivery To Singapore" they even run a website 4 u 2 register n stuff like dat. cool eh? here is e link:


no, if u r wondering, i am not promoting their business here. hehe! alvin n his gf r looking 4 tis cracker called KAKA. kaka? dat brazilian midfield genius playing in AC MILAN now? looking closer 2 e brand KINOS with a Popeye logo, it reminds me of DING DANG, e blue packet Doraemon like character in front with chocolate balls inside with different free toys in it to trick kids like me when i was younger. it is e same company dat brought us TORA too, another box with free toys inside, but much bigger version n i remember it is white. another even bigger box is JO JO, a more newer version n if i am not mistaken, NINI is also by them. tis cracker reminded me of e 1 we had in my primary n secondary skool back in e old days. it is e yellow package with e same round yellowish balls inside. forgot wat it is called, but after trying a packet of tis, i still feel e 1 we used 2 have is much better. tis 1 is less crunchy n less tasty. haha! i will import some in 2 s'pore 2 give alvin a taste next time.

btw, i did a search n found KINOS website! here it is: KINOS

san shu gong. e company originated from malacca if i am not mistaken. didn't know they sell it in jhr too. thus, i bought 3 packets of yam sticks, peanut n yam cream crackers each. i love e yam cream cracker e most, it is veli crunchy n less dry compare 2 e peanut flavour. perhaps becoz i grew up eating bread n had enuf of peanut butter so i kinda get sick of peanut flavours. :) btw, i dun like e yam stick, it is e 1st time i'm buying dat 1, perhaps e packaging caught my eyes. :) anywayz, e green stuff u c in e cracker is e coriander leaf. tis is e ingredient 2 me dat is making it smell so nice. it is called daun ketumbar in malay. some people dun like e smell though, like my gf. she hates it, hehe! so last time when she bought me a whole packet, i was e one who ate everything! :)


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