Tuesday, October 05, 2004


dictionary.com defines it as: (n.) Sound or a sound that is loud, unpleasant, unexpected, or undesired.

wah lau! i was waken up around 9am tis morning by tis irritating noise down there. if it lasted 4 like 10 mins i can still bare it, but it went on over 1 hour n they r still down there creating e noise! 9am is considered early 4 uni students, since we sleep average at 1-3am everyday.

just a little background of my room location. it is situated just behind 1 of e main roads in uni. so i will expect noise as early as 7am everyday during weekends expecially. at 1st, i'm not used with it but now i had settled down with e noise. tis is a good reminder of nvr buying a house facing a highway or a busy road. u will suffer! bad feng shui! hehe!

now, my room is on e 2nd floor, counting in e ground floor. dat's pretty high up as e block reaches 4 stories in total. i just got so frustrated dat i decided 2 check out wat was causing such thumping noise down there. it was as if people r throwing away stuffs purposely from a high level or purposely throwing things on e ground with such great force 2 wake everybody up. i took my digicam n raised it out of my window n took 2 shots below. tis is wat i saw:

surely my feelings about e noise was veli well defined by dictionary.com! it is unpleasant, unexpected n undesired. can't they do it like in e afternoon? ok, they r actually throwing away tis box cabinet collected from e front of e rooms in e hall i am staying now. these cabinets have drawers 4 u 2 place ur items, normally shoes n slippers. there is tis rule in hall n hostel living dat u should keep e corridor clear of items 4 fire safety escape purposes. it is also 2 make e corridor look neat n tidy. on top of dat, e cleaning lady can sweep n mop e floor with ease without all these things blocking e way.

now, why throw away these things when they r still in good condition? well, my uni is famous 4 doing stuffs dat r wasteful. they love 2 renovate a place, then tear e whole place down e next year. dat's wat they do 2 halls after they renovated all e rooms with new furniture. e government is just too rich, they love 2 renovate n demolish. well, there is no planning involved, n i c tis as another 1 2 continue e trend. they hire a private company 2 thrash all e cabinets out. will they replace them with something new? i dunno, i will know e answer later.

just great! now it spoilt my morning sleep. i slept at 5am. shit! maybe i will take a noon nap later.


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