Monday, January 24, 2005


munich, juventus, chelsea, arsenal, man utd, barca & real had all won their matches but milan and valencia. what about inter? they just LOVE to draw, they had already drawn their 14th match! incredible! i had checked all the major leagues in europe, from england, spain, holland, france, germany and scotland. nobody can draw more than inter! the interesting match will be the norwich vs. middlesbrough match which ended 4-4.

i want to focus on villarreal now on this particular player called juan riquelme. remember he is the dude that sinked his own club, barca just recently and this week killed valencia with a hattrick.

his recent achievements against the big guns had arose interest in me to know about him more. he came from the land where maradona was from & many had labelled him as the successor of that great player, of coz not his naughty side. he is to me a player under-rated. low in profile hidden in his loan team villarreal which he took to the uefa cup final last season. he even asked for a transfer back to boca juniors, where he belonged since barca never really shown much interest to his ability since ronaldinho and deco was signed.

to me, he together with saviola are two of the best argentinians around right now and yet barca loaned both out of their place. they even favour larsson over saviola which i have no idea why despite larsson's age. riquelme is definitely among the best midfielders south america has to offer now, he is creative and overall skill is outstanding. this includes his ability to detect his surrounding team mates and the overall flow of game itself.

his great assists and accurate vital passes are his trademark too. he is like a zidane to me, where he controls the midfield engine and the whole team will have him as a centre to bring out the best of him. he is not good at defending as well so he doesn't track back that often. his attacking ability is really that damn good that it will compensate for his lack of speed. but like zidane in his prime days, riquelme makes fast and wise decisions to detect the flow of the game well and bring the advantage to his team. who says david beckham produce great passes? i can easily say mcmanamann produces more effective ones during his prime days. now, riquelme will be there at the top of my list to be among the best passers of the game.

could it be because that when he was in barca, there are too many superstars so his involvement in the game was minimized? that his role and positioning has already been overtaken by ronaldinho or deco? whatever it is, he is surely to me a world class talent. i am very interested to see how far he can bring villarreal this season and big guns in europe should take notice of this under-rated superstar. to me, he is a true talent that don't come by everyday of your footballing history. he is undoubtedly among the best players the world has to offer now.


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